Teds on Tour

About Us

This travelling trip is obviously more about us than our three owners, so first things first, let us introduce our amazing selves.


I’m Humphrey…basically the best of the bunch and by far the kindest and the best behaved. I’m in charge really and have to keep my buddies in check…no easy task either. I shall be travelling with Sally – mainly as she has the largest back pack and I do like a bit of room to spread out. The rumours about my weight are all lies!


I’m Sidney otherwise known as Squidney…as this seems to amuse my owners…who are clearly easily amused. I am the ‘cool dude’ of the bunch and always up for an adventure. I get blamed for everything, which is, as you will see totally unfair. I am travelling with Buffy, because she is the fastest of the owners and I don’t like to be kept waiting around…I shall be giving her orders and keeping her in check.


I’m Jerome…I’m little, I’m cute and I’m fun but easily led…apparently! I’m Sidney’s partner in crime although never to blame when things go wrong. I’m travelling with Hannah….simply because we both are the cutest of the bunch.

If you want to follow our adventures click the link below:

Teds On Tour


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