Las Vegas

24 hours was the amount of time we had here…our motto was ‘Go Hard or Go Home’! We stayed in the Circus Circus hotel which was at the end of the Las Vegas Strip…the hotel was perfect for us…not too serious and one of the smaller hotels so we couldn’t get too lost (apparently in … More Las Vegas

Arizona-Flagstaff, Sedona and The Grand Canyon

We travelled to Flagstaff from New Orleans for the next leg of our journey…and this in itself was a LONG journey…and we were grateful to finally arrive. The journey had however been punctuated by views of incredible scenery travelling through New Mexico and into Arizona. The sheer vastness of this country was abundantly apparent…..England seemed … More Arizona-Flagstaff, Sedona and The Grand Canyon

Driving U.S.A

Most of the time in our travels, hiring a car has not been needed or the expense justified…until we came to Arizona….it is so vast and has so much amazing scenery and attractions to visit that are many many miles apart…that the only viable way of seeing the things we wanted to see….was to hire … More Driving U.S.A

New Orleans

Going to New Orleans has always been a dream of mine and I had my own preconceptions of what it would be like…basically lots of old jazz playing musicians, outdoor cafe’s where you sat and absorbed the atmosphere and beautiful old buildings – that plus the Mardi Gras. We went in April so clearly had … More New Orleans

Washington DC

We arrived in DC after a 6 hour coach journey from NYC and we had perfectly timed it with rush hour. We didn’t have much of a clue either on the metro system, so we spent a good 30 minutes standing around the ticket booths looking rather confused and trying desperately to get attention from … More Washington DC