About Us

As a family we have always had the motto ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’ and when you have dealt with that scenario…everything then becomes possible. Just like this new adventure we are about to embark on…two years travelling around the world.

Where the inspiration came from is not really clear…probably from a bored, rainy day with nothing to do but daydream. The reality however has taken us 2 years of working hard, months of planning and the selling of every possession we own to get to this point.

Now we are at the starting line….ready, steady, GO!


This blog is dedicated to the family we left behind who we will miss more than words can say plus all our friends. This is our way of keeping in touch and sharing our adventure with you all.

So, who are we…sometimes even we wonder…but for the basics here’s a little introduction;



Age means I’m allowed to head the list – I have to admit to being the mother of my travelling companions, but in all honesty I have to add that they are also two of my best friends…most of the time.

I may be almost 56 years old in age, but inside there lurks a child in many guises and someone who is impulsive, sometimes irresponsible but also kind and caring.

For me, I have spent years raising four children and working in social care with some of the most damaged and vulnerable children in our society. Time finally for some ‘me’ time. It was a choice, given my age, to consider and plan for my really old age and retirement or put two fingers up at the world and choose an adventure…obviously I chose the adventure.

Fun Facts

What will you miss the most? It’s a toss up between family and a cup of tea.

Place most looking forward to? Bali

Favourite item in your bag? Family photos

Biggest Fear? Creepy crawlies and being mugged

Random Fact? I’ve blown the packing list and squeezed a lot more items in than I’m allowed.



Next up is Buffy, grown up name is Elizabeth, which does suit parts of her personality, but probably not the parts going travelling for two years.

Buffy is 26 years old, and has done so much with her life to date, degree, own businesses and has also worked in the retail trade. However, for her there is a feeling that she still doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life and what she wants for herself…Buffy’s motives for travelling, apart from the obvious…is to discover other parts of herself and find out who she really is…warts and all. A partly spiritual journey…

Buffy is the competitive one of use , and the organiser…so in many ways she will be our Sergeant Major  issuing orders when we we’re flagging or running out of steam…especially when Hannah and I are sat on our backpacks refusing to move.

Fun Facts

What will you miss the most? Family and my earring collection

Place most looking forward to? Russia

Favourite item in your bag? Travel Organiser

Biggest Fear? Losing my travel organiser

Random Fact? Nickname ‘Sweaty Betty’ Although I maintain I’m just a very red person in all situations



Last but by no means least is Hannah – the baby of the group and my baby.

Hannah is 23 years old and again has achieved a great deal for her tender years, degree, own businesses and has worked for Plymouth University. The trouble with experiencing much, so much is the age of question of ‘what’s next?’. This journey is Hannah’s next…to explore and experience all that the world has to offer.

Hannah is the boss of the group and at times provides the more sensible and rationale approach…keeping us grounded and more importantly safe. However, she is also the one with a ridiculous sense of fun and can be hilarious with her antics…bring on the fun times!

Fun Facts

What will you miss the most? Family and TV Shows

Place most looking forward to? Los Angeles

Favourite item in your bag? Hedgehog Socks

Biggest Fear? Hair Explosion

Random Fact? I am secretly hoping to be discovered by a Hollywood film director


One thought on “About Us

  1. Good luck you very brave ladies, have loads of fun and make amazing memories. You are doing what most of us dream of doing but never actually get off our butts and do it! Xxxx


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