A Tattoo or Two…

When I arrived in Bali I knew that I wanted to get some tattoos done, they are a lot cheaper than at home and Mum had got some done on a previous trip so I knew that the guy she recommended wasn’t going to scar me for life with some crap design.
I spent hours trawling through Pinterest to find the perfect designs, and finally after those hours I had my designs picked out.

The tattoo artist was so lovely he told us all about his wife and children, how he worked to get by but wasn’t interested in making millions. His life ethos was all about living and not work or money obsessed and it was very refreshing.
His assistant was a young lad who was classed as having a disability because his fingers were a bit buckled he said how lucky he was to have this job, and was grateful someone gave him a chance. He taught himself to speak English and was currently trying his hand at Russian. He said how he loved the English as we were so polite and wanted to go travelling. We asked where most he would like to go he said Holland because there are not a lot of cars. Its times like this when you meet a certain person that you feel very lucky to live where you do and have so many more opportunities than others. It makes you remember to appreciate all you have.

The tattoo process started on my hands which nearly killed me, I am a bit of a wimp anyway but I had never felt pain like this! Needless to say I wanted to cry but held it together…just. Luckily the rest were on my arms and leg so only slight pain was felt but nothing major.

Me and Mum had decided beforehand to get matching tattoos to symbolize the journey we were on together. I found a simple stick design that symbolized strength as a Viking symbol. Simple and perfect we both agreed. After my tattoos it was Mum’s turn but as she saw the stick figure now permanently tattooed on my leg she turned to the tattoo artist and said “I don’t want it anymore, it looks horrible” – Great thanks Mum!! Still, I was happy with ALL my tattoos including my Viking stick and it was her loss. AND, just to clear something up…..there is no picture of the Viking stick as at the time of taking the photo’s I was emotionally scarred by my mum’s response 🙂


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